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New Thought for the New Year

My thought goes forth to meet the dawn.

It goes forth to greet the face of the One who dwells in the midst of Eternity.

It is not afraid but travels afar in company with unseen forces of Life and unnumbered hosts of the Invisible.

I stand in the center of the Universe and behold the One who inhabits the endless ages.

Mighty thoughts rush out to greet Thee and Thy Presence encompasses All.

As our thought goes forth to view what the future holds in store and we contemplate its possibilities, building our expectations upon past experiences we may more or less accurately prophesy the new age. That a new age is being ushered in no thinking or observant person can doubt. The signs of the times and the revolution of thought which the world is undergoing, economically, religiously, politically and internationally, furnish positive evidence that the human race is on the verge of a new experience.

Human evolution, which is the unfolding of the inner life through the personality of each person, is an eternal progress in an ever widening circle. Always the future is a logical outcome of the past and the present suspended between the past and future is a tendency linking events into one sequential whole. Standing before the portals of a new year, meditating upon the past and anticipating the future, we may well pause and ask ourselves what tendency our life is taking.

To the student of Religious Science the past has been a vehicle conveying the soul to an eternal future of enlarging possibilities, brighter outlooks and broader ranges of experience. We carry no corpses with us but let the dead past bury its dead having learned by experience lessons both hard and easy we consciously let go of all unpleasant memories and seek to forgive and to forget. Whatever of sorrow or grief may have been endured, it is enough that the lesson is learned, it is enough that we have progressed for this is the eternal mandate of Mind. We should carry into the future only that which is ennobling, inspiring and constructive.

If the past has taught anything it has taught the futility of trying to run the universe with the feeble intelligence of finite minds. Again and again we are brought back to the fundamental proposition that the universe is self-existent and is run by the propulsive action of its own untiring energy. Perhaps the greatest lesson which we have to learn is the lesson of faith, faith in the good, the true and the beautiful. While the sun sets on falsehood and the night closes in on mortal strife that which is true endures forever.

The temple of Faith must be entered through the gateway of understanding; on either side of this gateway stand the pillars of love and reason symbolizing the out-pouring of Spirit and the government of Law.

Faith is not a blind belief, its language is not a child crying in the night; it is the voice of truth shouting in the wilderness of human superstition and proclaiming its own intuitional perceptions.

True faith is built on the foundation of immutable law and through love carries with it the atmosphere of eternal givingness while reason justifies itself and establishes the mind on the only certain foundation, the Truth which is, is ever self-evident to those who perceive it.

Reading the pages of human evolution we watch the gradual ascent of humanity from the first unconscious, upward glance to the state wherein we now live and we note that it has been a continual progression, a consistent growth, a slow steady but certain advancement. Nature has not forced itself upon humanity but has attended the way, ready and willing to do our bidding whenever and wherever we have understood its laws. Things undreamed of in prehistoric times are today an essential part of everyday life, this through the agency of natural forces, unknown to our ancestors. Despite crime, pestilence, famine, tidal wave and flood, despite human avarice, greed, lust and cupidity the world has progressed and judging the future by the past, it will still continue to progress. The world is today more unified, more compassionate, more solicitous for the welfare of the human being than at any period in history. Life is easier and all have greater opportunities than ever before. It seems as though there were an urge behind all things forever pushing onward and upward and the path of human experience is unquestionably leading to the gateway of good.

Having learned the lesson of the past, having forgotten its failures, its doubts and its fears, let us carry with us into the future only that which is abiding that upon which the sunshine of eternal truth can never decline.

We are each on the pathway of experience, ever ascending, ever progressing, ever unfolding, ever increasing in knowledge and wisdom. Each person is an individualized center of God-consciousness and the Divine Urge, inherent in all things, is the cause of our progress. As we cannot compute the infinity of numbers so we cannot fully anticipate the possibilities of man. This possibility becomes a probability only as we allow the Divine currents to flow through us, the eternal mind to inspire us and the eternal loving kindness to stimulate our actions.

True religion is as essential to the spiritual nature of each person as food is to our physical well being. No person lives who is not religious. The religion of the future will be one of faith because it will be based upon a scientific understanding of the subtle laws of mind and Spirit which govern all things. Passing through the gateway of love, guided by reason, we enter the temple of Faith and meet a new experience; our true relationship with the Creator, the unity of all life.

The future religion will be free from fear, superstition and doubt and will ask no one where God may be found. For the “secret place of the Most High will be revealed in the inner sanctuary of each person’s own heart and the eternal God will sit enthroned in each mind. We can know no God external to that power of perception by which alone we are conscious of anything. God must be interpreted to each person through that person’s own nature. Who would know God, must be as God, for the One who inhabits eternity finds Its objective dwelling in Its own creation. Standing before the altar of receptivity in the temple of Faith one learns that one is an integral part of the universe and that it would not be complete without us. That native faith within, which we call intuition is the direct impartation of Divine Wisdom through us. Who can doubt its gentle urges or misunderstand its meaning. The Divine face is witnessed by all and in the silent moments of contemplation one merges with the whole and no longer guesses but knows.

The temple of Faith is built on an elevation higher than the range of finite vision. We must climb if we would view the length and breadth of reality. The Infinite will not be finite, therefore the finite must expand and it is for this purpose that we study the laws of mental science.

Deep scientific research and profundity of thought have been necessary for the development of religion as a science, now we must simplify our language and hasten the explanation.

TREATMENT: I am therefore I exist; therefore I must be and know that I am employed in the business of the One who moves and works through all. Harmonious activity is expressed by my very existence and nothing can operate within or through me to hinder my Divine expression. No fear within me no lack within me. Joy and bountiful blessings alone manifest through me.

–originally published in Science of Mind Magazine, January 1928, as “Greetings to the Dawn” by Ernest Holmes. Edited here into gender neutral language for the 21st century.

Raymond Charles Barker – Major New Thought Figure

Raymond Charles Barker was one of the most popular exponents of New Thought in the mid-20th century.  Below is an excerpt from his book Treat Yourself to Life:


TreatYourselfToLife“WILL I EVER be happy again?” is the cry which comes from the hearts of thousands.

For twenty years I have been talking with hundreds of these people and have proved to them that their happiness can be regained and expanded IF they follow a few simple rules.

Wherever you are, in an apartment in New York or San Francisco, a farm in Iowa, a house in Texas or a bungalow in Florida, there is an inner you which is craving love, self-expression, permanence in your health and security in money.

If not actually fearful of the future, you are at best suffering mild anxiety, the number one mental symptom of the twentieth century.

Elizabeth Andrews in a great New York City hospital looked up at me from her bed and said:
“I have just been told by the doctors that I have Padgett’s Disease, a malignant disease, and that I will never walk again without heavy braces and crutches. I don’t want to accept this verdict. Need I?”

Knowing that this woman was capable of making drastic changes in her thinking and feeling, I answered: “While the factual evidence of bone disease is true— your need to believe it permanent is not. You can treat yourself out of this, and I know it can be done.”

Eight months later, without a brace or a crutch, Elizabeth Andrews walked into her church on a Sunday morning and joined others in the acknowledgment of a Power which knows no incurability!

How could this happen? Life limits no one, offers itself freely to all. If you can accept this new viewpoint as Elizabeth did, you can treat yourself to greater living. Elizabeth had learned that what man, with his material science, could not do for her, creative thinking could, provided she directed it herself.

Standing at her bedside on the day of her sentence to a life of invalidism, I saw her faint hope that I would agree she would walk again. Knowing her sincerity, and her capacity in the past to control her thinking, I immediately said:

“You certainly can walk again, and I will help you every step of the way.”

Every day for months, she and I knew certain basic truths together. She, in her hospital bed, and I, in my home or office, replaced in her subconscious the verdict of an incurable disease with a sure knowledge of a woman walking through life with ease.

One cold autumnal day when Elizabeth was walking down Fifth Avenue, she suddenly fell. The ambulance intern told her she had broken her leg. Her fall, however, had not been the usual kind, no broken pavement, no icy sidewalk, nothing to trip over. The bones in her right leg had simply given way!

At the hospital the X-rays showed the disease. The doctor anxiously made his way to her room, carrying the pictures with him, hoping that as her own eyes saw the condition, the blow would be softened as he told her:

“You have Padgett’s Disease.”

She had faith in her doctor and obeyed his orders. She knew that his diagnosis was accurate and factual.

For a single moment the news terrified her, tears came to her eyes and panic clutched her heart. But she instantly turned in thought to her greater, faith in God and affirmed that the Creative Power was equal to this situation. The calm came, the faith returned, and I came to her bedside in answer to her call.

Her recovery was not miraculous. For four months she never left the bed. I was there the day they brought to her the heavy massive brace, to cover her from hip to toe. She looked at it and had a momentary cry. Then, catching herself, she turned to me and said:

“We’ll fool them yet, won’t we?” My agreement with her faith was instantaneous.

Four months later she walked into church without that brace or even a crutch!

The key to Elizabeth’s victory was in her own ability to keep her thinking clear and to waver not in her knowledge of her own self as a creative channel for an unlimited intelligence. She knew that life would respond to her as she responded to it.

This reciprocal action between your patterns of thought and feeling, and the universal life has determined every experience which you have ever had, are having or will ever have.

You can learn how to treat yourself to greater living. Your mind is no different than Elizabeth’s, mine or anyone’s else. The greatest sages, saints and messiahs had minds no greater and no finer than yours. Only, they knew how to use them. They knew how to keep their minds directed to creative ends. This book is not written to give you faith, that your church will give you. It is written to show you how to translate your faith into right subconscious action, to produce the results you want.


Create the Life You Want, a newly edited collection of Raymond Charles Barker’s writings is available from Hudson Mohawk Press


The Inner Light as the Voice of God

“[W]e must be in absolutely constant relation or mental touch with that essence of life which permeates all and which we call God. This is almost unrecognizable unless we live into it ourselves actually—that is, by a constant turning to the very innermost, deepest consciousness of our real selves or of God in us, for illumination from within, just as we turn to the sun for light, warmth, and invigoration without. When you do this consciously, realizing that to turn inward to the light within you is to live in the presence of God or of your Divine self, you soon discover the unreality of the objects to which you have hitherto been turning and which have engrossed you without.”
from William James, “The Varieties of Religious Experience”

“Intuition is an inner spiritual sense through which we are opened to the direct revelation and knowledge of God, the secret of nature and life, and through which we are brought into conscious unity and fellowship with God, and made to realize our own deific nature and supremacy of being as the child of God. Spiritual supremacy and illumination thus realized through the development and perfection of intuition under divine inspiration gives the perfect inner vision and direct insight into the character, properties, and purpose of all things to which the attention and interest are directed. It is, we repeat, a spiritual sense opening inwardly, as the physical senses open outwardly; and because it has the capacity to perceive, grasp, and know the truth at first hand, independent of all external sources of information, we call it intuition. All inspired teaching and spiritual revelations are based upon the recognition of this spiritual faculty of the soul and its power to receive and appropriate them. Conscious unity of humanity in spirit and purpose with God, born out of our supreme desire and trust, opens the soul through this inner sense to immediate aspiration and enlightenment from the divine omniscience, and the co-operative energy of the divine omnipotence, under which we become seers. On this higher plane of realized spiritual life in the flesh the mind acts with unfettered freedom and unbiased vision, grasping truth at first hand, independent of all external sources of information. Approaching all beings and things from the divine side, they are seen in the light of the divine omniscience…

Many will receive great help, and many will be entirely healed by a practice somewhat after the following nature:—With a mind at peace, and with a heart going out in love to all, go into the quiet of your own interior self, holding the thought, I am one with the Infinite Spirit of Life, the life of my life. I now open my body, in which dis-ease has gotten a foothold, I open it fully to the inflowing tide of this infinite life, and it now, even now, is pouring in and coursing through my body, and the healing process is going on… If you would find the highest, the fullest, and the richest life that not only this world but that any world can know, then do away with the sense of the separateness of your life from the life of God. Hold to the thought of your oneness. In the degree that you do this, you will find yourself realizing it more and more, and as this life of realization is lived, you will find that no good thing will be withheld, for all things are included in this.”
from Ralph Waldo Trine, “In Tune with the Infinite” (originally written in 1902, here rendered into gender neutral language for the 21st century)